Youtube vloggers like jennamarbles?

Answer I vlogged every day, on YouTube for 3 1/2 years, then last March, they so radically screwed that channel up, I left. Not before leaving a Goodbye and Up yours videos. Then I made private and deli... Read More »

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Youtube's best Vloggers! Do you agree?

I agree. Pyrobooby is the best out of them I think, super random and hilarious.

Is this website a scam, I found a video on YouTube but not sure if it real or not

There asking for details email etc no CC details I guess you have nothing to lose, but I wouldn't do it. If its on the public domain its just a glorified chain letter you have to introduce people, ... Read More »

Why does my mxtube on my ipod touch say cannot connect to youtube even though my youtube is working and im connected to wifi?

Recently, YouTube has changed its TOS and downloading videos is disabled. Hopefully there'll be a workaround soon. AB19

YOUTUBE RECORDING Can you download youtube videos in avi format with a free program thanks?