Youtube videos keep having mini lag spikes?

Answer It's called buffering. When you're watching a video, the video itself is trying to bring all its data together so you can view it. If you go faster than the video, it will buffer until it can displ... Read More »

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Why do the videos keep pausing on youtube?

The video is probably pausing as the next few seconds haven't been loaded yet. When they are loaded, the video will begin again. One way to solve this is to pause the video first, then let it load ... Read More »

Why do the YouTube videos keep freezing?

You probably have a slow computer and/or Internet connection.

Can you delete a youtube account, but keep the videos?

no unfortunately it isn't. i have been having this problem lately too! i had to make a whole different account and use a different email address.

Keep YouTube videos full screen?

I do not think so. Full screen option is a feature which belongs to particular videos, not to the playlist. that's why you cannot keep it playing in full screen.