Youtube upload question please help?

Answer no it would just get flagged or something like that. But if you break major laws it would get deleted. I had a video with over 5million views but it got deleted cause of legal ****

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Please help me upload Youtube videos?

When you upload video footage on to YouTube, it immediately compresses and reduces the quality of the video to allow people with all bandwith speeds to be able to view the video. If the quality of ... Read More »

Everio JVC camcorder - PLEASE help! trying to upload to youtube and it keeps failing!?

The MOD files created by JVC Everio standard definition camcorders are simply MPEG-2 files, which are compatible with nearly everything (provided your PC has the correct MPEG-2 codec). I use a sta... Read More »

Internet connection times out everytime I try to upload a video to YouTube, please help?

Does this happen only when you try to upload a YouTube video? That's strange. If you have a dsl connection try unplugging your modem Leaving it out for 5 minutes then plug it back in. Do the same w... Read More »

Help! i cant upload a background to my YouTube channel!?

because your background is a very big size above the one for example yahoo mail says your video needs to be 25mb or lower hope it works