Youtube upload question please help?

Answer no it would just get flagged or something like that. But if you break major laws it would get deleted. I had a video with over 5million views but it got deleted cause of legal ****

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Question about youtube's quick capture upload method?

Try moving your mouth a little faster ma.......... hehehe!!!Sorry, but I couldn't resist!

How do you upload movies from windows movie maker to youtube by converting to the video files youtube accepts?

Windows movie maker is a movie editor not up loader. You saved movie as a Project that is why you can not upload on you tube. Click on File then choose Save Movie FileEnter a File nameChoose a Plac... Read More »

How to upload long video on youtube. when i upload it say this is removed beacause it's too long?

By default, you can upload videos that are 15 minutes long. To upload longer videos, follow these steps:-Visit the upload page at Increase your limit a... Read More »

What to upload on YouTube?

My personal preference is game reviews but with a bit more flare to it, So bit of banter and just generally make it a funny video. I know some people want serious reviews but they don't all have to... Read More »