Youtube sucks, Where is better?

Answer't know if is safe, it has a few pop-ups too.

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YouTube Sucks?

if yo want to watch tv shows, movies, etc. go to it's awesome. they have all the tv shows and movies you could think of. the moment they come into theaters, the site has the... Read More »

Anybody else beginning to think YouTube sucks?

yeah wtf???!!! i cant listen to any music or watch videos cuz of all this copyright bullsh!t. it takes me like 20 minutes sometimes to find the song i wanna listen to cuz of all the copyright. but ... Read More »

How Come Youtube doesn't let you change your username!! This Sucks!! I'm really frustrated...?

Idk why. I wish they did too. They just don't. Sorry :(

Mac Sucks what you think?

I kind of agree with you. I'm an expert on PC's and Mac's and I know the whole truth.Mac in my opinion is just ok. I mean it's really nice and all, but there's just many things I don't like about O... Read More »