Youtube search not working?

Answer Its definitely not you. Im also having a problem searching for vids.

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Will my youtube video show better in search results if it contains fewer, or lots of key search words?

I generally stick to about a dozen keywords. I aim for about a hundred words in the video description, with the first sentence being the most important. And I try to use a descriptive title.After... Read More »

Why does my mxtube on my ipod touch say cannot connect to youtube even though my youtube is working and im connected to wifi?

Recently, YouTube has changed its TOS and downloading videos is disabled. Hopefully there'll be a workaround soon. AB19

None of my search engines are working,what can I do about it?

Scan your computer with Hitman Pro or Combofix.…More information about the redirect virus:http://deletemalware.blogspot... Read More »

Why is eBay search not working?

This is just came out from eBay:>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>…Due to errors in some of our backed systems, members may be seeing different errors in Search. This could be that "We were u... Read More »