Youtube monetization help?

Answer If you refreshed the page and it says not monetized it probably means there not approved. As for the ads they'll display anyway because you opted to monetize you're channel.

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Youtube partnership/monetization isn't working?

1. Contrary to what the first poster says, there is no longer a difference between the monetization program and the Partner Program. In April 2012 they essentially merged the two into one full Part... Read More »

Can you get in trouble through adsense youtube monetization?

I'm not sure if you can get in trouble legally, but you are only allowed to have one AdSense account in your life and if they catch anything violating their terms they will immediately terminate yo... Read More »

Youtube Commercial use rights Monetization?

I will try to explain your question but im not sure it will be what your asking...When youtube say "How does your video contain original Content?" They are asking "Has everything in your video been... Read More »

How do YouTube Monetization and AdSense interact?

Have your parents make the Adsense account then, they should support you being entrepreneurial unless are are doing thing that are of questionable legality.