Youtube keeps stopping?

Answer I believe that this could be your background programs that are messing up, go to task mgr, and take a look at what you don't Ned to run and end the process, also look at your apps and remove some, ... Read More »

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My internet connection keeps stopping?

we also had that problem.. Kept getting kicked offline..We called the internet provider and they had to come out and replace lines out on the pole... I would first reboot the modem.. Turn it all of... Read More »

Any suggestions about a modem that keeps "stopping"?

I'd say you should keep badgering the company. If they give you gruff, ask for a supervisor or manager. Explain to them that your modem is around four years old and is starting to give out, and tha... Read More »

My mouse will not move over the screen smoothly and keeps stopping. Any ideas?

theres probably something wrong with your mousebatteries if you have them???

Youtube videos stopping to buffer.?

Delete your browsing history. Too much stuff will clog it up and make everything run slower. My computer did it for awhile, too.