Youtube keeps buffering?

Answer Try crossing it and loading YouTube again, or refresh your laptop, it could be because of your connectivity

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How to stop youtube from buffering?

You have FiOS? Then it is Youtube's problem, not yours.Youtube is having terrible troubles right now. The only fix in sight is to force your computer to connect to different youtube servers. This c... Read More »

YouTube is buffering slow?

How to Make YouTube Quit Buffering?

It's pretty annoying when you're watching a video online and it stops midway through to buffer. Video streaming works by sending your computer a video file and playing it at the same time. If the v... Read More »

Is Youtube lagging at your the buffering speed of the videos annoyingly slow?

I saw a video a couple of days ago saying YouTube is upgrading servers so as they are shutting down 1,2, or how many they do at 1 time, then the other servers are trying to handle the load.