Youtube is not working, what is wrong?

Answer It sounds like flash isn't working on your machine for some reason -- probably pwned by some malware or trojan.

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Why does my mxtube on my ipod touch say cannot connect to youtube even though my youtube is working and im connected to wifi?

Recently, YouTube has changed its TOS and downloading videos is disabled. Hopefully there'll be a workaround soon. AB19

How to Avoid Working out the Wrong Way?

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Facebook says Sorry something went wrong. We're working on getting this fixed as soon as we can?

Same problem here where I live in London, although in my other social media sites people say their facebook is okay. I think it might be an Apple thing.

Please help. Drysol isnt working. I think I'm using it wrong?

Thats really bad for you.It would be better, if you ask a doctor.Best wishes!