Youtube is getting horrible since Google bought it, right?

Answer Yes...There have a lot of changes. Lots of advertising and stuff like that. Also all the legal stuff is annoying. I think people don't upload as much as b4.

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What Would YouTube Be Like If Yahoo Had Of Bought It And Not Google?

Something is wrong whenever i using google chrome on youtube. The right side of my window seems to be resized?

I'm not so good at this stuff but I'll try to help.Press Ctrl+0. if that doesn't work, then try re-installing Google Chrome.

Since Monday I've been dizzy and getting a tingling feeling in my arm, and it's just getting worse?

Vertigo, sensitivity to lights, headache, neck pain = you might be suffering adrenal fatigue. Check out… My adrenals have been trashed for about six mo... Read More »

If you bought a bunch of Google shares would you go around clicking Google ads so they could make more money?

No, because that's called "click fraud", and the more click fraud there is, the fewer companies will advertise on Google, and that would lower Google's overall valuation.