Youtube is getting horrible since Google bought it, right?

Answer Yes...There have a lot of changes. Lots of advertising and stuff like that. Also all the legal stuff is annoying. I think people don't upload as much as b4.

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What Would YouTube Be Like If Yahoo Had Of Bought It And Not Google?

If you bought a bunch of Google shares would you go around clicking Google ads so they could make more money?

No, because that's called "click fraud", and the more click fraud there is, the fewer companies will advertise on Google, and that would lower Google's overall valuation.

How do I get rid of this horrible ad that Google hijacks me to?

They lean towards whomever pays them and they dislike paying taxes.Once you get rid of that garbage-ware they jammed you with, stop using Google.Try Ccleaner. It does a great job of clearing out tr... Read More »

Why does the YouTube channel art have to be so horrible?

LOL, we are all ticked off but all we can do is complain. . I really don't think there is solidarity behind the new one. At least half of the major partners, including the very most subscribed ha... Read More »