Youtube error ; a team of highly trained monkeys !?

Answer I've seen that page before. It's because Youtube is facing some problems, and they think that "a team of highly trained monkeys" will keep you laughing until they fix it. At least, that's what I th... Read More »

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A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation?

Believe it or not, this apparently is a LEGITIMATE errormessage from none other than YouTube itself and theirterrible attempt at humor. This has actually been going on for years, so please don't wo... Read More »

What was the made for TV Sci-fi futuristic mutant movie in the 90's that took place after the X-Men team had long sinced died and a new team of teens were being saved and trained?

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On Youtube there are many highly viewed videos. But when it comes to your videos, it can be quite hard to get views, even if your topic is popular. Here are some tips on getting a highly viewed vid... Read More »

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