Youtube copyright claimer, what do you know of Harry Fox Agency?

Answer Unfortunately, they're justified :( The original music is copyrighted and apparently the copyright holder can restrict access to your video. I have the same problem with a wedding video I shot - ... Read More »

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If youtube has took down lot of music videos due to copyright, blocked them,what do you still use youtube for?

Youtube began as a personal website that three former Pay Pal employees set up in February of 2005. It was not originally meant to post videos from other companies just personal videos that users w... Read More »

Copyright and YouTube ?

Haha. Good one. When you create a "derivative work", such as changing the pitch of copyrighted music, it is actually slam-dunk evidence of intent to avoid copyright. So, not only is it a copyright ... Read More »

Is it considered copyright on YouTube if I do this?

Copyright is run by greed. Try and convince me otherwise when I am looking at videos on youtube such as '50 cent stuffing 2 million cash in his lambo' infact name any well known artist who is poor.... Read More »

Copyright infringement on Youtube?

Nooooo way would you or could you be sued or fined...Almost every video i upload with music in it has that formality warning sent to me via Email. The copyright is about the music in your videos an... Read More »