Youtube comments pending approval?

Answer When you see the message "Comment pending approval", it means that the owner of that video has set the comments to approve-first-basis. In other words, you'll have to wait for the video owner to ap... Read More »

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On youtube, why does it say comment pending approval everytime i comment?

because the video poster restricted comments until he allows them...he will eventually read ur comment and if he likes it...he will allow it to be displayed

How to Get Comments on YouTube?

You may have some very creative Youtube videos, and you really want to get some feedback on them, but so far you don't have enough subscribers or enough people watching your videos at all to get an... Read More »

Linked comments on youtube?

If there's the linked comments are on YouTube, you can higlighted, you can press Ctrl button + C button on the keyboard to copy and then you can click on the internet box, press Ctrl button + V but... Read More »

How come I don't get any comments on my youtube videos?

Maybe because they have nothing to say. That doesn't mean it's bad, when a commenter usually comments, they usually have something negative to say. So take that as a complement.