Youtube clip Thoughts?

Answer i think this videowas extracted froma movie..lmfaooooooooo its fun!

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How would you put a clip from a youtube video in another youtube video?

Use the YouTube video editorIf the clip is from your YouTube video then it is my videos tab. You can trim itIf its from others, then it has to be Creative Commons and these kids of videos are rareW... Read More »

How to Split a Clip in an iMovie for YouTube?

You've painstakingly created a great video in iMovie, and now you want to share it on YouTube for the world to see. The problem? Your video is too long for YouTube's 10 minute, 1GB upload limit. In... Read More »

What do you think of this youtube clip?

This video is funny. It's heeding is Mickey Mouse Club: "Anything Can Happen Day".

How do I insert a YouTube clip into PowerPoint?

Open the YouTube clip in a web browser. Go to the "Insert" tab in PowerPoint and select "Hyperlink."Select "Existing file or web page." Maximize the web page with the YouTube clip and minimize it a... Read More »