Youtube channel help?

Answer In the new Beta channels there are several different areas where you can edit. At the top of your channel, you'll see a bar that says "Edit Channel" It then has 3 links where you can push either "S... Read More »

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I have a youtube channel and I need help Please help me?

You will not get any e-mail from youtube if someone has subscribed or commented. They used to do that long before.You can watch video tutorial or read text below.How you could check comments, messa... Read More »

Help how do i delete my youtube channel? > Settings > Advanced > Close account

Youtube Channel Idea HELP?

No, you wouldnt be in trouble. As long as you give credit and have permission from the song makers or writers, (which youtube does not check) you should be fine. Many people do this on Youtube, pos... Read More »

Help! i cant upload a background to my YouTube channel!?

because your background is a very big size above the one for example yahoo mail says your video needs to be 25mb or lower hope it works