Youtube: Sorry, service is currently not available. Please try again later. ?

Answer I'm having the same issue as well and so are others...Youtube is probably going through a bug at the moment, so just give it some time

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When I try to log on to YouTube the box says "Sorry, service is currently not available."?

I am experiencing the same thing right now. It's not you, it's youtube. They must be doing some work and that function is not working for some people. Just be patient and try again in a half hou... Read More »

Why can't I watch youtube videos without it pausing every few seconds Is it my stupid dial-up service?

No, it's not the dial-up service...I have (supposedly) a high speed connection (not the top one, but high speed broadband nonetheless). Youtube videos pause on me too, and sometimes the people's m... Read More »

Will all features like internet camera video youtube apps work on a used iphone without service?

I read somewhere that ATT is the sole service provider for the new iPhone 3G. I am planning to buy the iPhone but your current service provider is Verizon I am happy with your service provider?

The new iPhones come with a SIM lock which means it is not possible to change the service provider of the phones. There are grey markets vendors who might help you break the SIM lock and use the iP... Read More »