Youtube Partnership Pays?

Answer the lowest amount of subs for a youtube partner that i have seen is around 3,000 and they had quite a few thousand (minimum)but if your videos are generally really good and youtube contacts you abo... Read More »

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Youtube Partnership Network vs Individual Partnership?

Hello, this is dream4animator! I'm partnered with Fullscreen and their network MotionPXL, and I can't say for sure what's better but I'm going to try and explain like how these things work. If you ... Read More »

Can I apply my Youtube channel to IGN for a partnership if my Youtube account is combined with Adwords?

Youtube. If I make a video, post it on youtube to make profit (partnership, etc). Can I have a remix of a song?

It might help if you understand that the composition has copyright and each and every recording of a performance of that composition has its OWN copyright, owned by the producer or performers. A re... Read More »

Can i have more than one partnership on youtube?

No. If you become binded by a contract it is hard to leave. So read all contracts you get. Or pay a solicitor to read it for you for legal advice.