Youtube. If I make a video, post it on youtube to make profit (partnership, etc). Can I have a remix of a song?

Answer It might help if you understand that the composition has copyright and each and every recording of a performance of that composition has its OWN copyright, owned by the producer or performers. A re... Read More »

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How can i post or make an YouTube Video?

to make a movie is simple. if you have a computer or laptop there is a program called window movie maker. from there you can get help from the help button. also you have to download the song and im... Read More »

How do I make a youtube slideshow video with a song?

u just make a video with some pics and audio on windows movie maker.How to use windows movie maker?…If u want to get high quality video for youtube,U can s... Read More »

What song would make a really cool youtube video?

How do I make a YouTube video with parts of other YouTube videos in it (read description)?

If you have an apple product get the movie maker app