Youtube Backgrounds URL'S?

Answer hey, as for backgrounds you could check out this site: of nice pictures there! you can use theom on youtube as well!

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In need of someone who can make YouTube backgrounds?

To be honest, with the new layout of you tube. It has made it rather pointless to have a customised back ground. You're best off asking for a header instead.

How to Search YouTube URLs?

During a major overhaul at the beginning of 2010, YouTube eliminated much of the text that once appeared on the web page of each individual video in the hopes of creating a better viewing experienc... Read More »

How do i post urls in youtube comments?

YouTube does not allow you to post URLs in comments as a protection against comment spam. If you legitimately need to post a URL, you can get around this restriction by mangling the URL: put spaces... Read More »

What kind of backgrounds do you like to put in your computer backgrounds?

I check out art online and choose my backgrounds from them.… Read More »