Youripad4free looks legit.... has anyone tried it?

Answer You are clearly working for them...And no, these things are NEVER legit, so don't be suckered in everyone...

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Who is somebody that tried to change the way society looks at an issue?

If you want to do the Beatles, John Lennon is the obvious choice, and it could be really interesting to show how he tried to change the world through music (in many of his songs from solo albums he... Read More »

Does anyone know if this is legit?

It's a SCAM going around Facebook. Delete it. There is NO Facebook Yearly Promo and Facebook NEVER gives away money

Just got a text from a random number, seems legit and a legit area code, do I trust it?

Spam.Anything that seems too good to be true...probably is.

Does anyone know the legit name of those "fluff thing" guest sleepers?

A feather bed? They're supposed to go on top of your mattress to make it soft and warm. Like this: