You're 14 and you think you are pregnant-what are the symptoms for you?

Answer If you think you are pregnant you should get an HPT (home pregnancy test) as long as it is at least 2 weeks after you had sex. If you missed your period then there might be a chance. Here are some ... Read More »

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Is it possible to think that you are pregnant and have the symptoms only because you think you are pregnant?

%REPLIES% Answer It can happen because you are thinking about all the symptoms and trying to find them that you can "see" them even if they aren't really there. And PMS symptoms can be a lot like ... Read More »

What symptoms should you look for if you think you may be pregnant?

Answer Every pregnancy is different, but the most common signs are missed period, sore, tender breasts, fatigue, morning sickness, urinating ALL the time.

If you are a few days late and you think you may be pregnant what symptoms should you be expecting?

Answer the first sign is a missed period,Breast tenderness, Nausea and Morning Sickness,Frequent Urination,Spotting,and Fatigue

WHAT are the symptoms while youre having a heart attack?

The American Heart Association and other medical experts say the body likely will send one or more of these warning signals of a heart attack: * Uncomfortable pressure, fullness, squeezing or pa... Read More »