You're 12 and only ejaculated once but can't do it again Tips?

Answer That is not a proper answer.------>(Yeah. Put your pants back on and go find something else to do.)This is:12 is quite young and it's rather impressive that you ejaculated now. You are just coming ... Read More »

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He ejaculated practically nothing?

The older a man gets the lesser the ejaculation. true! When I was 18 I would squirt several times over my head while masturbating. Now that I'm 56 years old, it only squirts out a half tea spoon. I... Read More »

Help me. Could i be pragnent I was fooling around with my neighbour and know ...ejaculated and?

Oh no! Thats really bad. It could lead to an intestinalpregnacy, then you have to pass the babby like a giant poo.…Johnny thunders ode to Joe strummer

If my gf and I took a shower together could she get pregnant I never inserted or ejaculated?

Answer It is very possible to get pregnant from one time of unsafe sex. It only takes one time to get pregnant. If you are late or are having light period, you need to take a test or go see a docto... Read More »

Could you be pregnant if he ejaculated and then touched your vagina?

Absolutely. It only takes one microscopic (invisible to the naked eye) sperm to fertilize the ovaries, and it can happen in a split second. To properly determine IF you are pregnant, please consult... Read More »