You're 12 and only ejaculated once but can't do it again Tips?

Answer That is not a proper answer.------>(Yeah. Put your pants back on and go find something else to do.)This is:12 is quite young and it's rather impressive that you ejaculated now. You are just coming ... Read More »

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When youre on a diet, it is okay to spulrge once in a while?

No, in fact I recommend it. But you should only splurge when you PLAN to splurge, so you feel like you're in control. You feel horrible about yourself because you "gave in" to temptation and ended ... Read More »

Can you pregnant if you washed your penis with soap and ejaculated and then had sex again?

Yes since you will have pre-ejaculate each time you are inside even though you don't ejaculate. That can contain sperms as well.

If you were outside with 10-3 yr olds and 1 needed to use the bathroom what would you do Youre the only teach?

if you have 10 3 yr olds you absolutely need an assistant!!!!!!!

Refrigerator once again not dispensing water?

either the switch is damaged or the electrovalve is not being activated, either because there is faulty connection or because the valve is damaged. If you are good with tools i suggest you to open ... Read More »