Your two year old snores?

Answer A two year that snores is usually due to three factors: enlarged nasal turbinates (nasal tissue), enlarged adenoids, and/or enlarged tonsils. Snoring is not treated in the pediatric population UNLE... Read More »

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My girlfriend snores ?

give her nasal strips - works for my girlfriend

My husband snores any ideas?

Try a product like breathe right nasal strips.

How do i sleep next to someone that snores?

it is easy. simply just focus on his snoring to listen, to analyze, not to worry about your sleep, please remember you need to focus, after less than 10 minutes, you will be tired and fall in sleep... Read More »

MY husband snores through his throat, not nose, how do i stop it?

i found good tips to stop your husband snoring plz refer the link below