Your toshiba tv only gets three channelsWhat do you do?

Answer 'Remote control' means a device that can be used to control a machine or apparatus from a distanceSource: True Knowledge

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Does it make any sense that a train locomotive gets over 400 miles per gallon and a car only gets 50 at best?

The train does not get 423 mile per gallon. That figure is the mileage based on one ton of freight in a loaded train. If a train carrying 1,000 tons of freight gets 0.423 miles to the gallon of fue... Read More »

What can exstacy do to your baby if your only three weeks?

It can probably cause some strain on the baby's organs, if you did it and everything seems fine, than you're lucky but there is still a chance that something could have happened to it. Don't do it... Read More »

If you had to describe your favorite boy name in only three words.....?

*Benjamin*- Handsome- Traditional- BiblicalGreat question!♥кαуℓєє ℓуηη.

Who is the only NFL player who won three Super Bowls in three decades?

No NFL player has ever won three Super Bowls in three decades. The only player to play in three Super Bowls in three decades was Gene Upshaw, but Upshaw was victorious only twice. His team won Supe... Read More »