Your thoughts on the scamers pushing rogue products in YA?

Answer Good point, Rosco I have been seeing these links chosen to as the "best answer" to questions that show the person has a Zlob/Smitfraud infection.…http://ww... Read More »

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Can you straighten your teeth by pushing on them?

I used to wonder this too when I was a little girl! But no, you cannot push your teeth into a position that you want them to be in because the amount of force and time that you would have to do thi... Read More »

When your in a relashionship and you see your girl without makeup for the first time what is your thoughts ?

I assume you're asking guys ...But any relationship worth being in, should result in the guy seeing your true beauty - and liking it all the same :)

What are your thoughts on allowing your children to drink alcohol in your home?

In my state its legal.My mom lets me have stuff at holidays.At dinner.Sometimes to unwind.Its not often. Maybe once a month...even less. I am 19 and she's done this since I was about 15 or 16.Am I ... Read More »

Does pushing downward on your belly hurt the baby?