Your son is rocking back and forth at night time?

Answer They have speech problems They walk in a certain way

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If i am sunbathing with a straw hat on and keep rocking my head back and forth..?

My sister used to have a striped bathing suit when we were kids, and I guess it was really thin, because she would always get a stripey tan where the suit covered.Srsly! It was very odd.

I'm having a tough time at night with my litte one, SO thinks it's time to stop breastfeeding?

1 You've done a great job! I think it's great that you won't let your LO CIO. You can get what you need. It will take time, but you can do it.2 There is no need to stop breastfeeding. Even if... Read More »

Does hitting the "back" button in your browser send you back in time?

Yes but don't hit it too many times. It'll take you to the pre-Internet Explorer days. Then you'll have to wait until Internet Explorer gets re-invented so that you can hit the forward button to ... Read More »

According to train timing 15.50 is 3.50 in day time or in night time?

we use the 24 hour clock when referring to train times so 1550 is 350 pm, if it was 3.50 am it would be 0350