Your son is rocking back and forth at night time?

Answer They have speech problems They walk in a certain way

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If i am sunbathing with a straw hat on and keep rocking my head back and forth..?

My sister used to have a striped bathing suit when we were kids, and I guess it was really thin, because she would always get a stripey tan where the suit covered.Srsly! It was very odd.

If you have a sundial in your garden do you have to twist it round slightly when the clocks go back and forth?

According to this you canTo find the clock time (Eastern Standard Time or EST), adjust the dial reading by applying the correction, given by the Equation of Time, located on the left hand pillar of... Read More »

Who sings"Back&Forth"?

"Back & Forth" is a 1994 R&B song by Aaliyah and featuring R. Kelly. The song topped the R&B charts in May and June 1994 and was certified gold in October.References:Rock on the Net: Aaliyah

Can partners pass HPV back& forth?

On One Hand: Usually NotAccording to the American Social Health Association, you probably cannot pass human papillomavirus (HPV) back and forth between you and your partner. Once a certain strain o... Read More »