Your son has a low white blood cell count it was 3.4 what does this mean?

Answer Some infections can occasionally cause a low white cell count. Repeat the count regularly. If it returns to normal no need to worry. If the child also has anemia or low platelet count other investi... Read More »

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What does it mean to have a white blood cell count of 22000?

Absolutely nothing, since you haven't included the units with it :)

What does a white blood cell count mean in someone with leukemia if the normal range is meant to be 7000?

Answer A white blood cell count (WBC, or WBC Count) is used to determine the stage and/or type of cancer (usually Leukemia) that is being dealt with in a patient.My friend's son has Acute Myeloid L... Read More »

Does consuming cannabis oil lower your white blood cell count?

Check with your treating oncologist before taking ANY supplements etc during chemotherapy.Some things interact with the chemotherapy drugs and can reduce their benefit.Add: Cannibanoids have been u... Read More »

Low white blood cell count, low lymphs, low lymphocytes absolute, what can it mean?

They are off but did you ask the doctor what they meant? Did he tell you one possibility could be anemia? That's only one but it sounds like you are afraid of leukemia. Am I right? Leukemia wou... Read More »