Your shower faucet drips only when water is turned on in other parts of the house for instance dishwasher This began when you changed the shower head Why is this happening?

Answer Have you got two single faucets or a single lever faucet? It could be a pressure imbalance or it could just need maintenance

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Why does a light stream of water leak out of the kitchen faucet when the dishwasher is turned on?

Answer Because your losing "volume" possibly the piping is under sized or the internal diameter was reduced by mineral deposits

Have water hammer dishwasher draining out air gap and toilet bubbling when shower is running Is this a result of a common problem or multiple problems The house is brand new 1 month old?

I beleve mine blew do to a lose power connectionn at the circuit board. These are the press on connections.

What would cause low water pressure in shower and master bed room sink and outside water faucet !?

If it is recent and your city water contains lots of calcium carbonate, you could have a cc buildup in your water heater. There are services which will clear that up for you.If it is a permanent co... Read More »

How much water would you save in a shower if you turned it off for 15 seconds?

Most showers in homes built before 1992 have an output of about 5 gallons per minute. After 1992, showers put out about 2-1/2 gallons per minute. By that measure, turning off the water for 15 secon... Read More »