Your school, hows the cafertia food?

Answer we have some of the same things as your school, but we also have buffalo wings, popcorn chicken and calzones.

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Hows the food on waffle house and what are the prices?

I would never say, "wow, can't wait to go to the Waffle House!' -- but with that said, if you dart in for a quick breakfast, I don't think you'll be disappointed. Their pecan waffles aren't half b... Read More »

How to Overcome a Fear of Buying Food from Your School Cafeteria?

Do you always hear about how bad the school lunches are, and you're scared to buy one? Well, overcoming your fear of your school's lunch food may be difficult. However, by following the steps below... Read More »

What would you do if you and your spouse are in the middle of a divorce and he deducts 100 from your 200 food money and you have to buy food for you and your two children and he keeps the other 1400 h?

Answer In the US a biological parent cannot be forced to relinquish his or her rights to their children, it must be done voluntarily.The court can permanently terminate the rights of a parent in c... Read More »

Many places are famous for doing a particular food very well. How about your area What is your famous food?

New England offers a wide variety of food depending on what area you're in. New England is famous for clambakes and seafood dishes. In Boston, there's Chef Jasper White's Seafood Shacks which offer... Read More »