Your penis touched uterus does she get pregnant?

Answer Maybe. First I hope your penis didn't touch her uterus, that would be painful. No one was using birth control - condom, birth control pill, patch, shot, implant.... Your penis touched or was in her... Read More »

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Can you get pregnant while on your fourth day period and the boy ejaculated and you've touched his penis but on your clothes on then you touched your underwear inside without washing your hands?

Can you get pregnant if the penis touched vagina but dint ejaculate?

Yes you could get pregnant, Men often know when they have ejaculated but everyone gets something called pre-ejaculation where some sperm can 'escape' before the climax so if no protection was used ... Read More »

Could your girlfriend be pregnant if the head of your penis accidentally touched the lips of her vagina?

No, unless you had semen on your dick. The only way to get a girl pregnant is to ejaculate into her vagina So always wear a condom unless you want to get her pregnant.

My boyfriend had pre-ejaculation fluid on his sweat pants and I touched it then touched myself. Can i get pregnant.?

If you do, it will be the next evolution of human being, or the second coming (so to speak). It is possible, but extremely improbable. Firstly, pre-ejaculate has a very slim sperm count, if at all... Read More »