Your opinion of the wikipedia?

Answer I find it useful at times. I try not to rely on it entirely because depending on what I'm looking up - at times I've noticed the information was outdated (or wrong) - and to me that's frustrating. ... Read More »

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Why must all Yahoo! Answers about Wikipedia conform to a favorable opinion about Wikipedia?

On a personal stance, I'm relatively fond of your answers. They're witty, critical, and are balanced (perhaps unintentionally) with humor and seriousness. Unfortunately, the Wikipedia section is ... Read More »

Where is the Pisco from (Your opinion, no wikipedia)?

It's a type of brandy from Peru and Chile.

Suggestion: Every article for a video game on Wikipedia should have at least one screenshot. Opinion?

It is a general Wikipedia policy that no article is complete without an image. There is a group on Wikipedia that works on video game articles and the adding of images to them.

Does a cardiologist s opinion have to be taken as gospel if you disagree with his opinion?

Many people with a history of a heart attack will be prescribed blood pressure medicines. This is not necessarily to treat the diagnosis of hypertension (high blood pressure). People that have ha... Read More »