Your opinion, fish is meat?

Answer It's animal flesh

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What is your opinion about laboratory grown meat?

As a vegetarian I personally would have nothing to do with it! Did you know that work is already being done on this kind of thing? I'm not gonna dig up links but I know companies have ramped up the... Read More »

What are your views on people that dont eat meat but still eat fish products?

Personally I don't eat fish. But everyone is entitled to make their own decision. As long as they don't go around calling themselves vegetarian I'm fine with it.

SUSHI IS GROSS!! My Friend Sells Fresh FISH, you can SEE worms in fresh fish meat.?

I hate to admit it because I love Sushi but its true!... There is a slight risk of contracting a parasitic infection when consuming sushi, but there are many other unspoken risks as well. Primarily... Read More »

DO YOU LIKE VEGATARIANS,and there opinion of not eating meat because of animal crueltly?

To Each Their Own - if we all thought the same, this would be a boring world - now wouldn't it!! LOL