Your nearly 9 year daughter and 7 year old son share a bedroom is that still ok?

Answer Prove to whom? You can't "prove" a negative.

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Is it appropriate for a 10 year old girl and her 12 year old brother to share a bedroom?

What questions should you ask your 6-year-old daughter if you fear she is still being abused by your ex-husband that has already been investigated but not convicted of sexual abuse?

Answer Never ask a direct question of a child who is suspected of having been abused.Such issues are best handled by a professional counselor or medical personnel trained in the matter. Generally c... Read More »

Can your ex husband keep your 8 year old daughter if he does not have a bedroom for her?

%DETAILS% Answer If the child feels uncomfortable having limited privacy, then the issue should be discussed. If not, there seems to be no reason why it is not workable.

What should you do if your ex husband still sleeps with your 6 year old daughter on his visits?

Unless you have evidence of inappropriate behavior, nothing as most fathers cannot afford places with bedrooms for the children. Most mothers just make a false allegation.