Your mom said you looked pregnant?

Answer then you are or have you had sex to look like you are or you might just be fatif you are pregnant. just b truthful to her that you are pregnant.. do not wait till the last minutes when your mum had... Read More »

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What should a 16 year old three months pregnant do if your afraid of your dad who is very strict and threatens you and your boyfriend and said if you ever got pregnant he would kill you?

I think that if you are seriously afraid for what he might do, then you need to tell an adult that can help you when you tell him that will give you a safe place to go. Second, I went through a sim... Read More »

Your doctor called you and said you have low hormones being 6 weeks pregnant and said you need to go back and do more blood test what is going on?

Answer This happened to me too...but everything was fine, i just was not as pregnant as we all thought i was, i was more like 5 weeks not 6. But everything turned out fine, with a healthy baby and... Read More »

Someone said i looked like a barbie doll...should i take that as a compliment or insult?

Who can honestly say unless they know them or can read their thoughts. I do not compare women or females to toys. The name Barbie that holds no bad meaning for me. Parents have named their daugh... Read More »

What was the youtube video where someone muted a movie and it looked they said potatoes?

you make no sense..if they MUTED the can it look like they said potatoes if its MUTED?