Your mom said you looked pregnant?

Answer then you are or have you had sex to look like you are or you might just be fatif you are pregnant. just b truthful to her that you are pregnant.. do not wait till the last minutes when your mum had... Read More »

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How old would you say i looked ?

Why is WIC looked down upon?

Maybe you don't, but there are definitely people who do abuse the system. I am all for people who truly need assistance getting the help they need, but some people are on programs like this, yet ha... Read More »

Should i get my knee looked at?

I would. If there is still swelling after a month then definitely go now and have it examined. It might just be a minor injury and this is just part of the healing process but at least you'll get a... Read More »

Why is Homeopathy so looked down upon?

There are many instances when a G.P. will tell a patient that (s)he must simply put up with a chronic ailment. In those situations, the patient would be plain silly not to seek an alternative treat... Read More »