Your lawn mower push gas starts then stops within seconds?

Answer If it starts and stops within seconds and after a few minutes starts again only to stop again, the fuel filter is probably clogged,

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Cordless electric lawn mower works for 1 minute stops for 2 min starts up after I hear a click. Thoughts?

Your motor is overheating and the klixon relay is opening to protect the motor.....Try taking the motor ETC. apart and cleaning it........The klixon relay could be going bad....See if you can find... Read More »

My lawn mower starts then dies over and over?

You have the answers, It's Him and Nancy have given you the most common causes. Don't store it with gas in the tank for long periods. Clean the fuel system, change or clean the fuel filter and the ... Read More »

How to Use Your Rotary Push Lawn Mower to Cut Tall Weeds?

Getting rid of tall weeds can be a time-consuming struggle. Cutting them by hand is tiring and can take days just to clear a small area. String trimmers are effective on weeds up to a certain size,... Read More »

What if your o troy-bilt 6.75 HP engine push lawn mower will not start?

Start by checking your spark if you don't have spark check the spark plug. If the spark plug is ok then check your flywheel - It may have rust on it. Clean it up and clean up your coil and see if y... Read More »