Your ipod's screen is frozen how do you un-freeze it?

Answer Wait till the battery dies then charge and it will work. Press the Hold switch on & off.For abPress the Hold switch on & off.For about 6 to 10 seconds press and hold Play/Pause and the menu button ... Read More »

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Can you get a new iPod if your iPods screen is broken?

If you are under warranty... Yes, you can get another one from apple. If not, then you have to buy another one.

How do you change your ipods screen lock code?

You go to settings>general>passcode lock>(enter your passcode if there is one) and go to change passcode lock

How to Fix Your iPod's Frozen Screen?

Your iPodScared out of your mind because your iPod has a frozen screen? Don't worry, this is fairly commonplace and very easy to fix.

How do you fix your iPhone 4S screen when its frozen?

If u touch the screen and nothing happens turn the phone completely off by holding the little button on top. When the phone has turned off, turn it back on and hopfully it will not be frozen anymor... Read More »