Your ipod has said dont disconnect for over 2 hours is this normal?

Answer iPod Stuck usually you just have to go under file "sync iPod" again unless you're updating a lot of songs/videos/whatever, it could just be your iPod's stuck. but just re-sync it and it should go b... Read More »

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I have an ipod and i pulled it out when it said do not disconnect and now it cant turn do i fix it?

you have to force it into disk mode and then it should work(hold down the menu and middle button at the same time and wait until the apple logo appears, when it does hold down the play button and ... Read More »

How can I use the computer over how ever hours my parents said?

Your parents are wise, and you are not if you try to find a way to beat what your parents have told you. AND ANYONE WHO TELLS YOU HOW IS NOT TOO SMART EITHER!!!!!Ephesains 6:1 -3 "Children, obey ... Read More »

If you had your period last month for two weeks and for a few hours this month is this normal?

Answer Oh, yeseveryone is different. Soem women ovulate twice or even three times a month sometimes. It might also be because your cycle has decided to change. It is supposed to cahnge 3 to 5 time... Read More »

I disconnected my Ipod nano when the screen still said"Do not disconnect", and the screen froze.What can I do?

when my iPod froze i just let the battery die and then i charged it and it worked again.just give it time :)oh, and next time read what it says on the ipod screen and click the "disconnect" button ... Read More »