Your iphon 3gs Said the phone is disable?

Answer It's actually today November 16 here in the US.

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How do you get a Iphon 3g s free?

With your hands. IMPROVEMENT: hehe made me laugh. Umm here's how: you get a life, and quit being a hobo!

Can you put a memory card in an iphon?

Nope, iphones have bilt in memory, i have the iphone 4s and it only has a sim card slot on the side.

What is in the answer for v2.0.4 installus for iphon 3gs?

The only site where you can get wholesale authentic Apple iPhones is

How to Disable a Stolen Mobile Phone?

Lost your phone? Want it disabled before someone else uses it? This article aims to show you how to lock it, and how to gain the best chances of recovery.