Your grandmother she stated was a pedophile in two states WVA and FL its sick these peds married prey to get pregnant to have a child to molest is sick how do you stop them from approaching anyone?

Answer Answer Contact the FBI

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If two weeks after sex you are feeling sick after eating and you cannot smoke because it makes you sick could you be pregnant?

If you did not use birth control you may be pregnant, if you have also missed your period. However nausea is a symptom of so many things that on its own it does not necessarily mean you are pregnan... Read More »

Is it normal to be mad at your unborn child and want to scream at it and tell it to stop hurting you and making you sick?

Answer There's an article on Prenatal Depression by Robin Elise Weiss on"We often here talk of postpartum depression or the baby blues, which occurs shortly after the birth of a baby. Tho... Read More »

I called in sick to work because I am sick with the flu and my job is demanding a doctor's note.?

You can self-certificate, go to your doctor and ask about this. They can't and won't turn this into a dramatic situation once you do this.

How do I stop my dog from getting car sick?

Nothing is more relaxing on a warm summer day than packing your family and the dog in your car for a leisurely drive through the country. Unfortunately, this blissful scene can be cut short if you ... Read More »