Your girlfriend thinks she was pregnant but lost the foetus what are the signs?

Answer Alot of pain and discharge . About two days worth .

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If you are a 14 year old boy and your girlfriend thinks she is pregnant and wants to have an abortion what should you do?

AnswerEncourage her to have the baby and give it up for adoption. This way, she doesn't have to kill the baby and another couple will be given the greatest gift ever. Abortion is irresponsible, it ... Read More »

Me and my girlfriend are 15 years old and i think she might be pregnant. she is showing some signs like frequent urination headaches and missed her period. she is about 3 weeks late for her period.?

AnswerIf she has missed a period or it was unusually short/light she needs to do a pregnancy test.and at the age of 15 there are somethings with bigger consequinces than you can handle. you could h... Read More »

I just lost an argument to someone who thinks vegetarians are stupid. Can anyone help me?

I am not a vegetarian, but I have two vegetarian family members. I can say that it is more work eating healthy as a vegetarian. That statement would be compounded 10 times if we're talking about... Read More »

My girlfriend is a vegetarian,at least she thinks she is because I gave her lasagne and told her it was quorn?

You beefed her? What do you plan on doing next? Porking her and telling her it's yogurt? Don't tell her, but have her give me a call. I have some waterfront property she may be interested in.