Your due date is April 28 how many weeks im you?

Answer You are approx 28 weeks!:-)

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If a woman had intercourse 3 weeks before period date and it has been 2 weeks since without a cycle starting are they pregnant?

Answer The only way to know for sure is to get a home pregnancy test. They work.

Is the Intel ivy bridge release date still set for April or will it be delayed?

Honestly I hope so. I do think that it's going to get pushed a little further back but no one knows yet ;o

When will the baby be born when the due date is April 7 but when you went to the doctor today he told you that you are two cm dilated?

Answer It will be any day now, by the time you read this you may have had your baby. It is impossible to be more predictive than this. Some women take days to get to full dilation from 2cm, some... Read More »

Peanut butter has been kept unopened in a cool place sell by date was April, can I use it?

Bu unopened, do you mean still sealed or was it opened at one point and the lid put back on. If it hadn't been opened at all, I would guess it was OK.