Your dad used to beat you up with his belt or fists or anything at hand and called you names like worthles piece crap or an SOB and such - is that why you are so shy?

Answer This can absolutely cause a person to feel shy. When a parent, who is supposed to be the very person a child can turn to for protection is the one the child needs protectection from, this can have ... Read More »

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What is the name of the piece of music playing when Hicks's body was discovered in the episode of the Mentalist called 'His Red Right Hand'?

The final episode showed how all the characters that were still living turned out at the very end- but the TV movie never aired on television shows what happened indicating the death of Michael Sco... Read More »

Why are American cars such a piece of crap?

Your generalizing to much. I have a 10 year old American truck with 150,000 miles and it still purrs like a kitten and looks sharp. My dad has a 20 year old American car with 345,000 miles and it s... Read More »

What is the piece at the end of a shoelace called?

The piece at the end of a shoelace is called an aglet. It is typically plastic, but it can be metal and is used to stop the tips of the laces from unraveling. Aglets also help thread the shoelace t... Read More »

What is the little piece of hair below a lip called?

A small area of beard between a man's lower lip and chin is called a soul patch. The soul patch is a smaller version of the goatee and is sometimes called a "mouche," the French word for fly.Source... Read More »