Your child says pinks and purples are green and shes 2 years old should i worry?

Answer She may still be learning her colors. When my granddaughter was two, everything was either "geen" or "boo". And if she is a bit colorblind, it's not a major handicap. Lots of us live with it.

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My ex took my daughter fron ca to ga 5 years ago.I just found out where shes at I pay child support in ca There was never a custody order in ca. Is ther anything I can do?

Answer Take him/her to court. Have someone or a sheriff serve him/her papers

How late can a girl be before you should worry if shes pregneant?

If you're more than a few days late, you should probably get a home pregnancy test... for your own peace of mind at the least.

My child was adopted nearly 10 years ago I read that the statute of limitation for child support arrears is 10 years from emancipation Is adoption considered emancipation?

What do I need to worry about when starting a motorcycle that hasn't been run for about 4 years?

remove the spark plugs put in gear [2nd or 3rd gear] and see if you can even get it to roll or is it seized up. If its seized pour Marvel Mystery Oil into the cylinders through the spark plug holes... Read More »