Your child is 8 and has just started crying when you leave the house?

Answer Take these cries seriously. Be very aware of who you are leaving your child with and the relationship she has with that person. It may be that she just misses you because you are away more than usu... Read More »

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When Do Roaches Leave Your House?

Large indoor cockroach populations are one of the leading causes of allergies, asthma and other bronchial disorders in humans, according to D.M. Miller and P.G. Koehler of the University of Florida... Read More »

Your fiancee just left for BCT in fort knox When he finds out when his 12 month tour of duty will be will he also find out when his leave dates are so we can plan our wedding for next January?

When a pill says chewable are you supposed to bite it or just leave it in your mouth until it melts?

Yeah, just chew it like gum. Just double check how many you should take and you're good. I like to drink water to get it all after I chewed it and swallowed it.

What happens when you leave your child unattended in home for little while?

If the car does not have air bags, then a child can sit in the front at any age, but must us a booster seat until they weigh at least 80lbs. If your car has passenger side air bags, then it not rec... Read More »