Your cervix is closed how do you start labor at home?

Answer you need to be good with children and people and be kind thats all i can say chic

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I'm 37 weeks pregnant and have felt inside my cervix I think I'm just 2cm what does the cervix feel like is it ring shaped when will labor start I have mild period cramps?

Answer If you are not a doctor or midwife there is no way you should be feeling your cervix, you could easily introduce an infection which could be fatal to you and/or your baby. Keep your finger... Read More »

Your cervix is starting to soften and you are minus two when can you look for labor to start?

Yes it does but the most children you have the less it hurts.

I am 37 weeks pregnant i am 2cm dilated 75 effaced last wk i was 1 cm my cervix was just soft when will labor start i think i lost my mucus plug this morning?

If you lost your plug, you should contact your ob/gyn right away, and make plans to go to the hospital. Congratulations!

How do you thin out a closed cervix?

I just push really hard and the cervix opens, it feels so good it only takes a few seconds for me to fill the uterus with semen