Your breakfast looks so good can I join you and you share some with me?

Answer Yes!! I'm eating a Ham and Cheese Omelet with 2 Pancakes and Blueberry Syrup!!:-)\\////\\

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Can you share some quick breakfast ideas?

Can you share some of your sun with me, please?

It's yours! At least for today. We have rain coming tomorrow! The wind have damage many plants here in the last few weeks!

Want to share some baby dust and some news (along with a pic)!!!!!!! :-D?

Congratulations!! I had an early miscarriage in October 2008, and I was SO nervous when we got pregnant again. Everything was fine though, and my baby girl is now a chubby 3 month old. :)Hugs!!

Why is it when you record with your droid incredible 720p camera when you check it with the phone it looks good but not in color when you sync with PC?