Your baby has dry skin on his head?

Answer AnswerYes because skin comes off when it is dry and creates new so your baby needs a hair washThis is called cradle cap. The best way to rid your baby of this is to every time you wash the hair, us... Read More »

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How do you remove a tick that has embedded its head in your skin?

Removed a million ticks this way. Heat the end of a needle with a match then touch the needle to the tick. The tick will then back out of the skin on its own and there will be no chance of leavin... Read More »

Your baby girl is 13 months old and was born with a head size of 34.5 cm it is now only 43 cm your doctor is concerned what can this mean?

Head circumference has to be correlated with body weight. If the two do not correspond on a centile chart then we need to consider microcephaly. The development of the child needs to be taken into ... Read More »

Can an ear infection can cause a lump on the side of your baby head?

There could be many reasons: My son could neither hold his head up - nor did he really have any control over his neck at all - until he was approx. 11 months. Please talk to someone; I didn't do th... Read More »

What does it mean if your baby head is in the birth canal?

It means that the baby is in position to be born-- and probably soon.