Your baby has dry skin on his head?

Answer AnswerYes because skin comes off when it is dry and creates new so your baby needs a hair washThis is called cradle cap. The best way to rid your baby of this is to every time you wash the hair, us... Read More »

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Can you feel the baby's head when having sex if the baby's head is down?

No and if your cervix is dilated enough for the baby to even be seen- sex wouldn't be on your mind. People have babies because the want to i cant stop that.

When shingles first appear can skin to skin contact cause chickenpox in a 6 month old baby?

A one year old can eat just about any food. It really depends on how many teeth he or she has. Whatever you serve your one year old, make sure you dice into smaller bits, especially meats and fres... Read More »

My baby's head accidentally dropped at the floor and i heard a hard impact she cried but no bumps. after a minute shes ok but im still worried is that safe for my baby?

take her to the ER to get a brain scan. i would guess not but i would go just to make sure.

My baby's head is engaged when will baby come?

Well good question but it is a 69% chance it will. The reason is because a babys bones are 2 times softer then ours.