Your baby has bad cramps before passing gas why?

Answer Ampicillin along with aminoglycosides. Better consult physician.

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Never had premenstrul cramps before so could cramps be a sign of pregnancy?

Answer no. sometimes girls don't ever get cramps, sometimes they just get cramps every once in a while and sometimes they always get cramps. there is no need to worry. Pregnancy is different for e... Read More »

How many times did you take your practical driving test before passing?

I failed 5 tests before I passed! My nerves used to get the better of me........I've been driving 10yrs now (am 48)If you can fit behind the steering wheel at 8 months pregnant, do it. but be VERY... Read More »

Is it a sign of pregnancy if you have small cramps 2 weeks before your period is due and your breasts get sore?

Answer Yes, it sure can be a sign for some women. You need to think about how your body usually reacts before your period. Do you always have cramping? It isn't all that common to cramp 2 weeks bef... Read More »

Why is your 9month old baby passing loose stool 7-8 times a day?

It is usually due to viral infection though bacterial infection can also cause diarrhea.