Your baby has RSV when should you Take them to the hospital?

Answer If your child has been diagnosed with RSV (respiratory synctial virus), clinical indications to take the child to the ER are: 1. was a former premie 2. is displaying a respiratory rate of > 50 brea... Read More »

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How do i know when to go to hospital to have my baby?

. Your water may or may not break until you are fully dialated that's something you see in the movies. If your water breaks then yes, call your doctor. Don't call your doctor every day, you will se... Read More »

So, what did you do, as soon as you got home from the hospital with your baby?

Breastfed him and changed his diaper. That is what I was doing most of the time for the first few weeks. LOL. The first day went well, but the first night was long. I had a c-section so my husband ... Read More »

What do you we need to get when we go to the hospital for delivering a baby?

You do not go to the hospital. When the the end of the pregnancy comes (a few days) your sim will stop what she is doing and the baby will drop from the sky.

Do You Take Your Baby Home from the Hospital?

Your ranting is ridiculous.If you wanted to ask a question then do so. But for you to know that DNA is powerful but ask sarcastic questions like "Why don't people just do a swapsie?" is patronizing... Read More »