Your baby has RSV when should you Take them to the hospital?

Answer If your child has been diagnosed with RSV (respiratory synctial virus), clinical indications to take the child to the ER are: 1. was a former premie 2. is displaying a respiratory rate of > 50 brea... Read More »

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Do You Take Your Baby Home from the Hospital?

Your ranting is ridiculous.If you wanted to ask a question then do so. But for you to know that DNA is powerful but ask sarcastic questions like "Why don't people just do a swapsie?" is patronizing... Read More »

Does anyone think when you get to 65 you should take your driving test again i do some of them are not safe?

Statistically 65 year old drivers are among the safest. The problem begins in the late 70's. Since people cannot retire at 65 any more your suggestion would be highly discriminatory to those driver... Read More »

Baby fell off bed and hit her head several hours later she still has a huge red spot on her forehead i don't know if i am just being to worried or if i should go ahead and take her to the hospital.?

Get her checked by your local doctor and follow the doctor's recommendations.GET MEDICAL ATTENTION IMMEDIATELY

If you are in labor and live 45 minutes away from the hospital when should you leave to go to the hospital?

Answer You should go to the doctor in compliance with the order of your Obstetrician. Usually, women go to the Doctor when their contractions are regular and predictable. You also have to factor... Read More »