Your baby ate chalk?

Answer yes he has, nothing terrible happend. he didnt like itso nothing major realy but just to be sure i would go to the doctor

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What if Baby ate colored sidewalk chalk?

Well one of the kids I watch ended up eating sidewalk chalk and nothing happened. But if the baby ate an extreme amount, I would suggest taking them to the doctor.

Can eating chalk hurt the mother or baby during pregnancy?

Answer If you have the craving to eat chalk I'm pretty sure that means youre lacking some sort of nutrients or vitamins. Let your doctor know.

Are chalk and dust cravings normal while pregnant and is it safe to eat chalk?

Cravings for non-food things (chalk, dirt, tin foil, that sort of thing) is called Pica. It can occur from a nutritional deficiency, and for other reasons.You should contact your doctor or midwife ... Read More »

What can chalk be used for?

chalk can be used for making chalk crayons and is really powdery